The Birth of Denis

In November my friend decided to book onto my Hypnobirthing course. 
She had a little boy in 2014 and her birth experience was not one she wanted to repeat again and it had influenced her decision about when to have another baby. 

To give you a little bit of background, my friend is a black and white kind of person, her brain is full of scientific knowledge and well....hypnobirthing just isn't something you would expect to find on her radar! So, it is fair to say that she was sceptical about Hypnobirthing and although she is my dear friend she did not hold back her reservations on, if or how, hypnobirthing was going to help her this time around. If I am being completely honest, I was worried about how engaged she would be in the course and if she would shutdown her thinking brain and listen to internal instinct to guide her through birth. However, she completed the course, practised afterwards and prepared for the birth of her baby.


On Friday 2nd February, she contacted me to say she was going into hospital the next day to begin the induction process. We discussed at length, what she could do during that period, how to remain calm and controlled and how induction could still allow her to continue using Hypnobirthing techniques.

On Saturday 3rd February, she went into hospital and after a short time she had her waters released. Things were taking a bit of time to get going but she remained calm and continued using the breathing techniques and listening to her body.

At this point, they decided to have the syntocin drip to see if this would get baby moving. Shortly after, she went into active labour and was managing her surges with the relaxation tracks playing in the back ground. Her husband commented that she was so in control, nothing like how he had seen her birth previously.

After 1.5 hours of active labour and 6 'pushes' at 21.54pm her little boy arrived in the world at a healthy 9lb 9oz.

Her word to describe her experience was.....EUPHORIC.

I have seen my friend and their new arrival and listening to her speak of how she found the birth 'a piece of cake' and completely manageable fills me with utter joy. She was happy telling me that she has been able to be much more active after birth this time and have a little babymoon with her little boy as they bond and get to know each other.

It was an absolute pleasure to help my friend have a positive birth experience but also that no birth experience is prescriptive. Induction is not the enemy to all, it can be successful and it can allow women to have a great birth experience. 
She had a positive induction and birth that she is happy to look back on and treasure as a fond memory.

Welcome to the world baby Denis