The Birth of Harry

Harry Christopher Jackson arrived into the world on Saturday 24th March at 00:37 weighing 8lb 5oz.  

The whole labour didnt go quite how I'd have liked but with the techniques that you taught us we had an amazing birth. We [especially me] cannot thank you enough. 

I was admitted into hospital on Thursday 22nd March due to high blood pressure and on Thursday night I got really upset and my blood pressure was at the point of requiring medical intervention. 

I was given half an hour to compose myself, so I put on my relaxation tracks and calmed myself down. When they returned to measure my blood pressure after the 30 minutes it had significantly reduced and I was left the night. 

I was induced on Friday at 3pm, we both remained calm and knew we had been given everything we wanted but my blood pressure was putting my health in danger. 

By 6pm, I was lucky enough to be labour, throughout this time I was using the breating techniques and relaxation methods. 

We also had the confidence to question a few things which didn't seem right to us. 

Due to the onset of pre-eclampsia my labour progressed really quickly and I went from being 1cm dilated to fully dilated within an hour. 

This was all done on 2 codeine and a few puffs of gas and air. 

The decision was made to proceed with a Cesarean section but i remained calm throughout. The anaesthetist even commented on how calm i remained through my contractions and the spinal block being administered. 

I felt in control throught and not panicked at all. 

Trev was an amazing support throughout, from a blokes perspective he felt calm and managed whatever was put infront of him and because he was so calm and controlled it allowed me to get in the zone! 

Thank you so so much!

Welcome to the World Harry, previously known as 'Half Pint'