As a naturally anxious woman the prospect of labour and birth quite literally terrified me; as the months went by I was getting more and more worried and scared by the day and cried most days just thinking about what it would be like and how my anxiety would impact the prospect of a positive birth experience.

I attended one of Tamsin's taster sessions and decided that hypnobirthing was worth a shot at trying to prepare me. Myself and my husband started the private sessions with Tamsin and each session helped me more and more. We talked through my worries and how to manage these positively. The relaxations helped me to put my anxieties aside and I was able to get through the last few months of pregnancy more smoothly and barely cried at all!!

My due date came and went with no baby, I was then booked for induction at 41+4. The day before I had a complete wobble, I messaged Tamsin and expressed my worries about how the induction was going to impact my labour. She talked things through with me then offered to meet me for a coffee and talk through how I could still make it a positive experience, so we met that afternoon. This was unbelievably helpful, supportive, and useful.

It helped me to give my head a wobble and look at things in a completely different light. I then spent the rest of the afternoon practicing my relaxations and reassuring myself that I could do it.

As it happened I didn't end up being induced due to the ward being too busy, which again really shook me as I had got in to a head space where I was prepared for it and then been sent home. I then went in to labour 3 hours after getting home. I went to hospital at 3:30am, I used the relaxation tracks and breathing exercises throughout my labour.

The techniques enabled me to have more confidence throughout labour and empowered my husband to support me through it.

My labour was quite short and little Macey was born at 11:04am.

I cannot express how happy I was with my birth experience, especially after how I thought it was going to end up going. Tamsin was a rock in the months leading up to Macey's birth and I cannot thank her enough. I know that I wouldn't have coped as well as I did had it not been for the support and knowledge we got from Tamsin's hypnobirthing sessions.

Welcome to the world Macey